About Us

Chaman Ice Cream was launched in late 60's at The Mall, Lahore, Pakistan. Chaman Ice Cream became an instant success and soon became the most recognized ice cream brand in Pakistan. Chaman Ice Cream started its operations right in the heart of Lahore, The Mall. Lahore is the Heart of Pakistan, so, Chaman sits right in the center of heart of Pakistan! We serve the masses with our heart; and for this reason, Chaman’s products have grown through the years.




Core Values

To be the best in our line of products using top of the line natural raw materials, blended with modern technology into an unmatched taste and quality. To revive the long gone traditional and introduce novelty products to our vibrant market.


To grow in people’s heart with quality products and service. We try to compete in market to provide our customers the best of products, in unsurpassable quality. We strive to make available the luxury and quality foods within the pockets of masses.

a different level of refinement